Some guy made an hourlong… mixtape? Megamix? Mashup album? Sound collage? Sonic essay? It’s called “Mouth Sounds” because it samples Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” something like eight times. It features a track that samples Homer Simpson saying “d’oh” over a Dave Matthews Band song, and then segues into “Baby Got Back.” There’s another track that overlays “You Oughtta Know” onto the theme music from Full House. And another one that’s just a quiet instrumental version of “Mambo No. 5.” “Smooth” pops up a bunch of times. So I guess it’s sort of about the ’90s? But then “Imagine” is in there at some point. And then there’s the track that puts the vocals of “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” over the music of “Working for the Weekend”… then puts the vocals of “Working for the Weekend” over the music of “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” It’s… I’m rambling. Just listen to it. I can’t tell whether “Mouth Sounds” loves me or hates me.